LeBron James Would Sign ‘Everybody’ To Stop Teams In The Midst Of Dynasties

06.08.17 2 years ago 4 Comments

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LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers have a virtually impossible task ahead, as the team fell into a 3-0 hole with a brutal loss to the Golden State Warriors on Wednesday evening. In the immediate aftermath of the defeat, James wasn’t typically reflexive in discussing things with the assembled media but, on Thursday afternoon, that wasn’t the case in any way.

In discussing the nature of the Warriors and their roster construction, James kicked things off by indicating his role in trying to take down what could be a budding dynasty.

While some would undoubtedly dispute James in this regard, he did have to deal with Tim Duncan and the extended greatness of the San Antonio Spurs during his prime and, later, fought against a fantastic Boston Celtics team led by Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce. However, the money shot was still to come, as James was prompted on the issue of “fairness” when it comes to Golden State’s ability to add Kevin Durant to a roster that went 73-9 in the previous season.

James handles this quite well in that it would have sounded a lot like sour grapes had he protested the nature of his opponent in the middle of the series. He’s not wrong to point out that other dynastic teams have made crucial additions in the midst of their run but, in contrast, Golden State’s addition of a top-three player at the peak of his powers in a sport dominated by individuals might take the cake, even in an all-time sense.

For good measure, LeBron doesn’t appear to be ready to back down, indicating that he would “try to sign everybody” in order to combat what the Warriors are doing. That is, of course, a very difficult proposition in a salary cap-driven league, especially with the salary cap jumps coming to a relatively abrupt end. The Cavaliers could have changes on the horizon (via trade, most likely) but James certainly isn’t ready to go away quietly, even if the 2017 NBA Finals don’t go his way.

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