LeBron James Says He’s Been Playing Great Basketball For 16 Years And Counting

05.05.17 12 months ago 4 Comments


LeBron James knows he’s playing at his best right now. In fact, by his count it’s been about 16 years now.

James spoke with the media before Friday’s Game 3 against the Toronto Raptors, a series Cleveland leads after an impressive Game 2 effort from James himself. LeBron was asked, probably for the millionth time, just why he’s so good in the playoffs.

These media sessions are tough because reporters want new quotes and are trying to find new ways to ask the same questions. James gave boilerplate answers for a while, then James was asked by a reporter if there was another gear to his game in the postseason.

I don’t know. We’ll see. I’ve been playing at the best for quite a while now. Since I was about 16.

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