LeBron Writhed In Pain On The Ground After Taking An Elbow To The Spine

03.27.17 2 years ago 3 Comments

Sometimes, the things that seem mundane can lead to pretty scary injuries. Cavaliers fans learned this on Monday night, when LeBron James got caught with an elbow and spent several minutes rolled up in a ball on the ground.

James went up for a rebound during the third quarter of the Cavaliers’ game against San Antonio. David Lee ended up coming down with the ball and ripped his arms down, catching LeBron in his upper back. It looked like Lee got LeBron right on the spine, and after seeming like he was fine for a second, LeBron fell to the ground and curled up in a ball in serious pain.

Here is the incident from another angle, which shows Lee’s elbow making contact with LeBron’s back.

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