This Eye-Opening Stat Will Make You Reassess LeBron James’ Legacy All Over Again

04.06.16 3 years ago 7 Comments
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We’re already annoyed with this web log post and we haven’t even written it yet. That’s because it’s about LeBron James’ greatness, or basically the least original idea since that totally awesome Crying Jordan meme you just shared on Facebook to the delight — and puzzlement — of your parents and your friends who are parents.

We can do this next part from heart.

LeBron has four MVPs, two Finals MVPs, and a runner-up to a third that could’ve very well put him alongside Jerry West as the only two players in history to win the Finals MVP while still losing the series. (Jerry did it in the very first year of the award, and got a blessing from his opponent in that 1968 series, God himself, Bill Russell. Mr. Russell had just won title No. 11 in season 13 — his last, it turns out. Basketball history is neat). Not only that, but only MJ has more MVP shares because LeBron has finished in the top five for MVP voting in every season since his sophomore campaign in 2004-05 — when he finished sixth.

James has also gotten some Defensive Player of the Year DAP, though no actual award, along with 12 consecutive All-Star appearances, a Rookie of the Year award, nine All-NBA First Team nods (and two on the second team), six All-Defensive First Team spots and — sh*t let’s stop. You know the rest.

He’s good at basketball is what we’re saying. Great, in fact. One of the best ever. Because of that greatness, you probably didn’t bat an eyelash at the news he had won Player of the Month for February, or March. Paul George, John Wall and Kyle Lowry had won the previous three months in the East this year, so it was about time. (To be fair to voters, he’s only turned it up a notch after the All-Star break.)

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