LeBron Says He’s Seen The Lying Memes After Jalen Ramsey Called Him Out During Thursday Night Football

LeBron James’ success extends well beyond the basketball court, as he has built and empire off the court in business and entertainment, but the only area where he rivals his on-court excellence is in his ability to spin a tall tale.

James’ lying prowess is the stuff of legend on the internet, with such classics as “I called Kobe’s 81-point game was coming when I watched it live” and “lying about watching soccer to a guy who played for Liverpool,” and he recently became a viral meme after paying tribute to Takeoff by saying he introduced his Heat teammates to the Migos in 2010 despite the Migos not releasing their first record until 2011. All of them are pretty innocent white lies, but it is very funny when you see them all put together in a compilation, as folks on Twitter did after the Migos quote.

On Thursday night, LeBron’s latest effort at spinning a yarn happened during The Shop crossover broadcast on Thursday Night Football, when he told Jalen Ramsey about how he started using him in the slot as a blitzer before Sean McVay. Ramsey, who is very online, couldn’t help but call out LeBron for lying by noting this is exactly what everyone on Twitter says about him.

The best part is, LeBron doesn’t seem to know what everyone’s laughing about at first and just says “we were just talking about this the other day” after Ramsey explains, which feels like another lie to seem like he’s in on the joke. It’s a very funny moment and kudos to Ramsey for being willing to call it out in real time, because if not it would’ve just gotten added to the list like the rest.