LeBron James And Blue Ivy Had An Adorable Postgame Interaction With Jay-Z After Lakers-Clippers

Blue Ivy is the daughter of Jay-Z and Beyonce, so she’s used to being around some of the most famous people in the world. But even one of the most famous children of famous people get starstruck around certain celebrities. Such as Lakers star LeBron James.

The Lakers defeated the Clippers on Sunday and Jay-Z was in attendance with Blue Ivy. After the game the rapper walked over to James to say hello while Blue Ivy stood off to the side. Cameras caught Blue Ivy looking a bit nervous, and the audio explains why: she wanted to ask LeBron for something, but wanted her dad to do it for her.

Jay refused, however, and insisted that she ask herself. Eventually, she confessed that she wanted a basketball from LeBron, who got to ham it up a bit in the process of fulfilling this very cute request. He asked if Ivy had to go to school on Monday, which she said she did.

“I’ll have one for you after school on Monday,” James said.

It’s always great to see kids getting to meet people they think are cool or would like an autograph from. It’s also the cutest thing ever to see them get really shy about it. It’s also a little funny when you consider that her dad is arguably as famous as James is, but of course to her Jay-Z is just her dad while LeBron James is the best player on the Lakers. Kids these days.