Someone Brought The ‘LeBron James Is Thanos’ Joke Full Circle With This ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Trailer

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A joke that has made its way around the basketball-watching world is that LeBron James is to the Toronto Raptors what Thanos is in Avengers: Infinity War. James, like Thanos, is a horrifying titan who brings destruction upon those who oppose him. We all thought the joke peaked on Monday night, when TNT’s Brent Barry wore an Infinity Gauntlet as an allusion to James’ dominance in Cleveland’s sweep of the Raptors.

But apparently, that didn’t bring the joke far enough. One enterprising YouTuber, MaxaMillion711, decided to cut up a series of clips from the Eastern Conference Semifinal series to really hammer home the point that LeBron James might be Thanos.

Infinity gauntlet or not, you’ve got to admit LeBron has a place in the MCU.

It features plenty of voiceovers — some from the simulation we call our existence, some from the fictional world of the Avengers — and plenty of highlights of James ominously approaching various stadiums before absolutely thrashing Toronto. It also features the “LeBron James Vine” kid saying his name, which is just good editing and something that should be in every fan-made LeBron video.

I suppose it’s possible that the real matchup of Thanos vs. The Avengers would occur if we got James and the Cavaliers against the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals, but until then, this is a perfectly fine interpretation of LeBron’s place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.