LeBron Hit This Raptors Fan With An Incredible Burn To Add Insult To The Sweep

05.09.17 11 months ago 2 Comments

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Sitting courtside at a basketball game seems like an incredible experience. In addition to being right next to the game, you get to hear everything that happens on the court. If you’re a big hoops head, getting the chance to hear basketball players communicate with one another can be an enlightening experience.

Or you can sit courtside and get a ton of joy out of listening to basketball players trash talk one another. This seems like it would be endlessly entertaining and make the high cost of a ticket absolutely worth it. But sometimes, you can end up on the receiving end of some trash talk, as one Raptors fan learned during their Game 4 loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

This fan didn’t just get crap from anyone, he heard some chirping from LeBron James. Apparently, the fan decided to wear dress shoes to a basketball game, which seems like a curious choice considering the venue. LeBron noticed and let him have it.

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