LeBron James Believes Ty Lue Leaving The Cavs To Focus On His Health Is ‘Well Overdue’

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It hasn’t exactly been a surprise that Tyronn Lue was having issues related to his health this season. Lue has been forced to miss games as he has tried to get his body right, and on Monday morning, it was announced that Lue will take a temporary leave of absence from the Cavaliers. It was later reported that the hope is for Lue to return to the team after a week.

For LeBron James, Lue taking this personal time is a long time coming. The Cavaliers’ star forward has been vocal about his concerns regarding Lue, saying that his health issues worried the team and even said he thought it would be beneficial for his coach to “take even more measures to get himself right.”

James was asked about Lue’s announced leave on Monday and said that he believed doing this was “well overdue.”

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