LeBron James Vehemently Shot Down The ‘Non-Story’ About A Free Agent Meeting With The Warriors

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LeBron James is getting tired of reporters asking him about potential free agency courtship with other teams.

A day after a rumor about his potential interest in a max deal with the rival Golden State Warriors dominated NBA talk for a bit, James shot back at the notion that he’d set up shop in the Bay Area.

James called the report a “non-story” in talking with reporters on Friday and said he’s getting tired of taking questions about free agency in the middle of the season.


“The Golden State conversation is a non-story,” James said. “All the other conversations is a non-story.”

James also stressed that he’s not worried about his free agency right now. With a contract up after this season, the NBA world has speculated about whether he will stay in Cleveland or head elsewhere this summer, but LeBron appears to want nothing to do with that conversation.

“My focus right now is on this team and trying to figure out how we can get back to a fourth NBA Finals and compete for a championship.

Please, for the rest of the season, don’t ask me about nothing else. No other team. Unless we’re competing against them the next night or you want to ask me about a highlight from the night before. But don’t ask me about being on that team. It’s unfair to my teammates here — my fourteen teammates that we come and work hard for — the coaching staff and this fan base.”

Getting to the Finals this time around will be far from easy, which is probably why there’s so much scuttlebutt about where James might go if things fall apart in Cleveland this year. But at the beginning of February, days before the trade deadline and with the playoff stretch looming, James seems intent on keeping focused on this season and nothing more.