Lou Williams Comes To Amir Johnson’s Defense On Instagram

Internet tough guys are pathetic, especially when the argument for which they’re willing to so idiotically stand is unfounded. Toronto Raptors reserve Lou Williams seems to agree with us. After a Toronto Raptors “fan” chastised the play of Amir Johnson on Instagram, the high-scoring guard came to his teammate’s with a firm rebuke. Warning: NSFW language coming after the jump.

The comment in question tops the screenshot below, while Lou’s perfect response is four posts below it:

Good for Williams.

There’s also this – the Raptors’ defensive failings have hardly been the result of Johnson. In fact, his 105.4 defensive rating is the best of any Toronto starter since the team’s precipitous decline on that end began with DeMar DeRozan’s late November injury.

So this “fan” not only feels comfortable aggressively calling out players he supports, but also can’t comprehend the crux of the Raptors’ struggles. Seems about right.

(Photo via r/nba user allezlesbleus)

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