A Louisville Student Got Screwed Out Of A $38,000 Prize For An Extremely Dumb Reason

One of the staples of halftime entertainment at basketball games is the contest where a fan has to hit a layup, a free throw, a three, and a half court shot in an allotted period of time. Said fan also has to rebound for themselves, so they need to do a lot in a short amount of time to win the cash.

It’s exceedingly rare that someone does wins, which means there’s usually a pretty hefty prize on the line. At a Louisville women’s basketball game on Thursday, a student named Jackson Logsdon won by knocking down all four shots. Outside of missing one attempt from three, he did not miss.

Logsdon’s prize was supposed to be $38,000. We say “supposed to be” because Logsdon’s high school basketball game means he’s walking away without the massive payday, according to the Courier-Journal.

But Logsdon said he found out later that night that he wouldn’t get the money because he had played basketball in high school, which violated a clause stating contest participants could not have played high school basketball within the last six years.

“It is a huge bummer as I am an out-of-state student,” Logsdon told the Courier-Journal in an email Friday. “It would have went a long way to paying off student loans and anything in that manner. It was still an awesome experience and something I’ll never forget. Very bittersweet though.”

A Louisville athletics spokesman clarified that Logsdon won’t win the big prize because the group that administers this contest has a number of really specific requirements. He also said that the athletic department is working with Logsdon so he gets something out of these experience. You can probably assume that his prize will be worth less than $38,000, though.

(Via Deadspin)