Man Creates Bizarre Mallory Edens Love Song

Milwaukee Bucks owner Wesley Edens elected his 18 year-old daughter, Mallory Edens, as the team’s representative at the 2014 draft lottery. Her agreeable presence in a room full of forty-something basketball executives made Edens an overnight Internet celebrity, culminating with an odd, original song entitled “We’re In Love With Mallory.”

Youtube user Tim Crispy is the song’s writer and performer. Of special interest is Crispy’s final stanza, which gives a shout-out to former draft lottery sensation Nick Gilbert, son of Cleveland Cavaliers’ owner Dan Gilbert:

“You were so sexy
At the draft lottery
You were the MVP
You’re the new Nick G.”

Edens’ worth as good-luck charm pales in comparison to that of Gilbert’s – Cleveland was awarded the first pick in the draft in two of his three years as the Cavaliers’ representative. Her overall impact on the internet, though, clearly has his beaten.

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