Mark Cuban Believes Draymond Green Should Apologize To NBA Owners

11.03.17 4 months ago 2 Comments

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Houston Texans owner Bob McNair’s reference to “inmates running the prison” made big-time waves in both the NFL and the entire sports world. Not only did it inspire players from his own team to kneel during the national anthem in protest, but many players from other sports weighed in with varying thoughts. One such player was Golden State Warriors big man Draymond Green.

Green, on his Instagram feed, shared the following sentiment about what McNair had to say.

Wow! This sure does sound very Donald Sterling-esque. But I’m sure the fans pay to see him play and he’s putting himself at risk of CTE by going out there every Sunday and giving 110%! Inmates? For starters, let’s stop using the word owner and maybe use the word Chairman. To be owned by someone just sets a bad precedent to start. It’s sets the wrong tone. It gives one the wrong mindset. Webster states that an inmate is a person confined to an institution such as a prison or hospital. Not sure these tax paying men should be referred to as inmates- but what do I know?

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