Mark Cuban Made A Poor Attempt To Defend The Dallas Mavericks’ Sexist ‘NBA 101’ Night

Once upon a time, someone who works for the Dallas Mavericks had a bad idea. See, the Mavs are holding what they call NBA 101 Basketball For Women. On September 13, for the low, low price of $125 ($100 if you’re a season ticket holder), women are invited to the American Airlines Center in Dallas for “an annual event hosted by Mavs players, coaches and staff. It’s an opportunity for women to learn and understand the fundamentals of basketball in a fun, light and interactive atmosphere.”

Yep, they do this every year.

Anyway, someone asked Mavs’ owner Mark Cuban why, in 2016, is it necessary for anyone to think women need their own special event to help them like something. And Cuban responded in his own special way.

He forgets what they were gonna change the name to. He agrees it’s dumb, though. Just blame “PC culture” for all of it and his customers adhering to that too much. Or something.

Give Cubes credit for responding to this very reasonable, very understandable question. But to play dumb and then try to pin the whole silly, offensive situation on political correctness doesn’t help anyone or anything, it simply reinforces that he’s not really sure why the event is silly and offensive. Or why using pink lettering and opening the ad with the phrase “Hey, girl, hey” is patronizing. Or that holding an event like this implicitly states that the only way women can truly understand a sport is via a “fun, light and interactive atmosphere.”

But hey, at least the women who shell out all that cash can potentially meet some Mavs players and coaches. If they’re lucky, maybe Cubes and Harrison Barnes and Rick Carlisle will choose a few lucky guests for a trip to the local IHOP.

(via @dallasmavs)