Mark Cuban Has Some Wild Opinions About Russell Westbrook

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03.06.17 2 Comments

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Dallas Mavericks owner and Noted political commenter/perpetual candidate for Vice President of the United States Mark Cuban possesses no shortage of strong opinions.

In the realm of politics, Cuban’s favorite target is Donald Trump. While his rage is not as focused in the world of basketball, he really doesn’t seem to be fond of Russell Westbrook for some reason. Cuban is convinced that Westbrook is not a superstar (we’ve written about this a few times).

Westbrook, of course, is a superstar. It’s insane that any owner of an NBA team does not recognize this. With how steadfast in this belief Cuban is, you’d think that Westbrook made fun of a Dirk airball on Twitter or something. (We checked, Westbrook has never said “Dirk,” “Nowitzki,” or “@swish41” in a tweet.)

But still, on Sunday afternoon before the Thunder and Mavericks played in Dallas, Cuban was asked about the MVP race and said this:

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