Ex-Warrior Marreese Speights Claims He Never Said There Was A Draymond Green-Klay Thompson Beef

10.19.16 1 year ago 3 Comments


The Golden State Warriors’ resident firebrand Draymond Green has taken a lot of heat for his abrasive personality. His suspension for Game 5 of the NBA Finals last spring was arguably the turning point of that series, and he garnered even more bad publicity last summer for a couple of high-profile off-the-court incidences as well.

He’s curried a reputation as one of the league’s most belligerent trash-talkers when it comes to his opponents, but Green also has a penchant for verbally attacking his own teammates. His well-documented locker-room tirade at halftime of a game against the Thunder earlier this year is just one example.

But in a recent article by Ethan Sherwood Strauss of ESPN.com, the author goes a step further, attributing a particularly-salacious quote to ex-Warrior Marreese Speights, who purportedly claimed that shooting guard Klay Thompson was a frequent target of his ire:

“Draymond f—ed up practice and s—,” then-Warriors center Marreese Speights says. “Draymond’s a good guy, but I think at the end of the day, it hurt the whole chemistry of the year.” One player in particular, he says, took much of the heat: “Draymond and Klay got into it a lot.” (Thompson declined to comment for this story.)

Speights, however, now appears to be backtracking on those statements, suggesting via Twitter that he was either misquoted or never made those comments to begin with.

Let’s set aside the fact that, although he’s technically correct about the tacos, they do, in fact, offer breakfast burritos under the golden arches. That’s neither here nor there. Strauss later defended himself briefly in a tweet directed another writer who penned a response to his article.

Speights will no doubt get grilled about it in the coming days, which should help offer some clarification on the matter.


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