Dirk Nowitzki Asked For Advice On A Very 90s-Looking Outfit And Twitter Reacted Accordingly

05.10.17 12 months ago


In life, it’s always important to ask for help from others. From relationships to jobs to even fashion, asking others for their opinion can often lead to beneficial results. Perhaps knowing how getting the advice of others is so valuable, Dallas Mavericks forward Dirk Nowitzki decided to reach out to his 2.62 million Twitter followers for fashion advice on Wednesday. Nowitzki however, probably shouldn’t have done this as he just got roasted.

Posting a picture of himself wearing a very 90’s looking outfit, Nowitzki appealed to his followers, asking if he should keep the dated look or get rid of it. The results were overwhelmingly in favor of Nowitzki ditching the outfit.

Nowitzki’s followers, though, didn’t just say yes or no. Instead they decided to poke fun at the Mavs forward:

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