The Heat Are, Once Again, In No Man’s Land To Begin The 2018-19 Season

09.06.18 10 months ago

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After a one-year downturn in 2014-2015, the Miami Heat have finished with at least 41 victories in three straight seasons. On the surface, that is relatively impressive, especially given the fact that the Eastern Conference has been something of a mess aside from the the presence of former Heat star LeBron James. However, the team is in a bit of an odd scenario and that was reinforced, at least in some ways, on Thursday when the re-signing of Udonis Haslem broke.

As noted by Tim Reynolds of the Associated Press, Haslem will operate on a minimum contract and this will be his 16th season in Miami. For all intents and purposes, Haslem hasn’t been a member of Miami’s rotation for three full seasons, instead acting as something of an extension of the coaching staff, providing stability and strong locker room influence, rather than top-shelf play on the court.

There is, of course, something to be said for that, especially when it comes to lack of opportunity cost (aside from the simple dollars and cents for ownership) associated with bringing Haslem back for another run. However, it could also be seen as a reminder of the general weirdness happening with the Heat organization right now, especially when taking the future into account.

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