Michael B. Jordan Would Love For Joel Embiid To Star Alongside Him In A ‘Buddy Cop’ Movie

Via Sixers

Joel Embiid is certainly unique. Along with the fact that he’s an entertaining basketball player on both ends of the floor, there aren’t many athletes with a personality as big as the Philadelphia 76ers’ center. It’s certainly something that works in interviews and on social media, but would it translate to another medium? Like, say, the big screen?

If you ask Michael B. Jordan, he thinks it could. We know this because Jordan and Creed 2 co-star Tessa Thompson were seated courtside at Friday’s Sixers game against the Charlotte Hornets. During a break in the action, they were asked which Sixers player past or present they’d like to star alongside in a movie.

There are plenty of options — for example, Charles Barkley showed in Space Jam that he can pretend to be absolutely terrible at basketball — but Jordan looked right over to Philly’s bench and knew this was an easy question to answer.

“I mean, Joel Embiid is a character, so I feel like it’d be pretty cool to star opposite him,” Jordan said. “A little buddy cop action, something like that.”

Now, we here at Dime don’t always like to make big, sweeping endorsements, and I did not clear this with anyone before this post got published, but we’d like to endorse Joel Embiid and Michael B. Jordan starring in a buddy cop action movie together. Can we, as a society, remake Bad Boys with the two of them or something? That’d be cool. Make this happen, person with a lot more money or political capital to burn in Hollywood than I possess.