This Embarrassing Defensive Display Is A Perfect Example Of Why Michael Beasley Will Never Stick In The NBA

02.27.15 4 years ago 2 Comments

Size, athleticism, and shot-making talent aren’t enough in the NBA. Players must possess a semblance of those attributes in addition to intangibles that are so easily overlooked – motor, commitment, understanding, and the like.

Michael Beasley doesn’t boast those qualities, and that’s why he’ll never stick in The Association.

Poor guy. You can tell he’s trying his damndest to offer necessary help while keeping track of Quincy Pondexter in the corner. But Beasley just lacks the basketball IQ to play consistent team defense, and even if he had it, his engagement on that end always proves fleeting.

In his first game since signing a 10-day contract with the Miami Heat, it seems nothing’s changed for the former number two overall pick. While we’re not exactly surprised, it’s disheartening to know talent like his will stay wasted nonetheless.

Beasley has seven points as the New Orleans Pelicans lead the Heat 37-35 several minutes before halftime.

[Vine via Zach Harper]

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