Michael Jordan Had The Most MJ Answer To What Streak Was Tougher: Triple-Doubles Or 30-Point Games

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Michael Jordan, current Hornets owner and former oversized jeans-wearer and six-time NBA champion, is getting ready for Charlotte to host All-Star Weekend starting this Friday night.

As is customary, Jordan sat down for a pre-All-Star presser, where he addressed topics ranging from what it’s like turning 56 years old the same day as the All-Star Game (“It’s a constant reminder I’m getting old”) to how hosting the game in Charlotte will help shine a light on the Hornets. And just in case you thought MJ had lost some of his trademark pettiness in his sixth decade on Earth, well, he’s here to remind you that’s not the case.

Jordan was asked about the dueling streaks of James Harden (30 straight 30-point games) and Russell Westbrook (10-straight triple-doubles) and which one he thought was more difficult to achieve. He started by giving a fairly generic answer.

“Both. They’re both hard,” Jordan said. “It shows the talent that we have within the league. I’m, very proud of what both guys have done, because they’re making their mark for the league, and I think it helps it grow.”

Jordan then paused, and a smirk slowly crept across his face.

“But which is harder, from a player standpoint?” Jordan asked. “Six championships.”

Drake once famously asked “Don’t Michael Jordan still got his hoop earring in?” The answer, year after year, is a resounding “yes.”

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