Here’s Michael Jordan Giving Every Hornets Player And Staffer A Butt Pat Or Chest Bump

11.16.15 2 years ago
michael jordan

Getty Image

The Charlotte Hornets are playing pretty well to start the season. Through 10 games they’re 5-5 and have won three out of their last four. On Sunday, they hung on to beat Portland at home, 106-94, thanks to a big game from former Tail Blazers, Nicolas Batum. Nic was quick and dropped 33 points on 11-of-19 shooting.

Hornets owner Michael Jordan was at the Time Warner Cable Arena enjoying the victory on the court; although, he also might have been happy that his final regular season Bulls jersey sold for nearly $200,000 at an auction. While down on the court, he made sure that he hit every single Hornets player and coach with either a slap on the chest or one to the butt as a sign of approval as they made their way to the locker room after the win.

The sad part of this video is that no player — except maybe Batum — seems to even acknowledge that perhaps the greatest basketball player of all time is congratulating them. Jeremy Lin and Al Jefferson appear to do everything in their power to avoid eye contact with the G.O.A.T as they head off the court. But for a certain age of player, MJ still holds that certain undefinable quality that would make them totally quiescent, especially if — like is the case here — he signs your paycheck.

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