Michael Jordan Never Asked The Bulls To Sign Players Like LeBron James Did

02.06.17 1 year ago 42 Comments

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If you were disappointed that LeBron James‘ feud with Charles Barkley didn’t feature someone comparing LeBron to Michael Jordan, then I have some good news. Former Bulls GM Jerry Krause decided to let everyone know that Jordan would never ask for help, something that LeBron has received some flack for doing over the last few weeks.

Krause appeared on The Vertical podcast to discuss, among other thing, LeBron wanting Cleveland to go get some additional reinforcements heading into this postseason. Because it is required that everything LeBron does gets compared to Jordan, Krause had this to say.

“I’ll say this about him, he never came to me and asked for other players. He never came to me and asked me to draft a player. He never came to me to ask me to trade for a player. Never once did that happen. Part of it was he thought he was so darn good he thought he could win without them, I’m sure of that … Michael was smart enough to understand the organization and he understood what we had to do as an organization … He never complained to me.”

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