Million Dollar Ballers Launching NBA “Hardwood Collection”

It was just the other day I caught myself saying how crazy the weather was. It was so warm. Well… it is almost March. Spring is almost here. And if you’re like us, the next few weeks are spent searching for a place to cop the hottest new gear to turn heads as the weather improves. Enter Million Dollar Ballers and their exclusive new “Hardwood Collection,” T-shirts showcasing retro team nicknames that are part of the vocabulary of basketball fans all over the world.

On February 20, our friends at Million Dollar Ballers will unveil dope, old-school Laker, Blazer, Celtic and Piston shirts, all playing off the nostalgia associated with those organizations. As co-owner Brian McGeorge explains, “Fans don’t always call their team the name on the jersey. These shirts speak their language.”

Adds co-owner Greg Beers: “If you’re a fan, you know The Bad Boys, you know The Cs, you know Showtime and you know the Jail Blazers. This collection is true to the fans.”

Million Dollar Ballers have already made some headway in the game – their first collection were selected to coincide with the 2011 Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame Enshrinement – and have us in the Dime offices excited to see where they’re headed.

Less than a thousand shirts are made for every one of these designs, so they’re extremely limited. You can find more of Million Dollar Ballers at

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