Monty Williams’ Compassion For The Driver Who Killed His Wife Is A Testament To His Faith And Strength

You will not see a greater act of love or strength than this speech from Monty Williams.

Williams’ wife, Ingrid, was tragically killed after injuries she suffered from a horrific car crash in Oklahoma City on February 9. The entire NBA universe was shocked and saddened to hear of her passing, as evidenced by the reported 900 or so people who showed up at the celebration of her life on Thursday.

Williams closed out the ceremony with a heart-wrenching, yet undeniably inspiring eulogy for his wife. Perhaps the most profound part of his speech was the end, where he asked those in attendance to pray not just for his family, but the family of the driver, as well. Williams, a devout Christian, said he will “serve the Lord” by forgiving the driver.

Every day in the NBA, we see athletes perform feats of terrific strength, whether it’s LeBron James powering through defenders on his way to the rim, Kawhi Leonard somehow finishing a lay-up despite absurd amounts of contact or Andre Drummond muscling his way to a rebound. All of those feats – every feat of strength performed in the entirety of the NBA season, for that matter – pale in comparison to the strength Williams displayed.