The Most Underrated Players In The NBA Right Now

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Hardcore hoop heads will know all of these players. Casual fans might only know a couple, if that, but all of them do important things for their team. Yes, some of these guys are going to make you scratch your head, but that’s the point of underrated. They’re slept on, whether because of geography, a player’s private disposition, or a game that shines when the spotlight is pointed elsewhere. This list is by no means definitive, but features a smattering of players from all the tiers that make up a roster.

We’ve got some primary and secondary guys, some bench players, and some key cogs in the rotation who might not immediately pop out when you’re discussing the best players in the Association. Here are the most underrated players in the NBA today from across all spectrums of player development.

JJ Redick

It’s time to re-write the book on Redick yet again. Long considered one-dimensional in the truest sense of the term, the 34-year-old has quietly become an impactful player on both sides of the ball – and even that distinction doesn’t do his influence justice.

No player in the league moves better without the ball than Redick, and calling him a spot-up marksman alone is outdated. He can drain jumpers from a standstill, off the dribble, and fading away or leaning forward. The Los Angeles Clippers guard has learned to take full advantage of the attention he draws from defenses by making plays with the dribble, and maybe most importantly, has used intelligence and conditioning to develop into a quality, if limited, defender.

Not even the most glorified three-point specialists can do what Redick does here.

Redick’s game isn’t sexy. He won’t wow you with jukes and step-backs before splashing a triple or jump passing lanes and swipe a player’s dribble for steals. But he’s still an integral cog for the Clippers and a borderline All-Star performer. Playing in a different conference or for a less talented team, Redick would have a better chance of being recognized as such, too.

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