Nate Robinson Dunked All Over Shaq On The Set Of The ‘Uncle Drew’ Movie

Kyrie Irving’s summer has been plenty interesting with his trade request becoming the story of the late summer and his eventual trade to the Celtics that took eight days to complete. Now that he’s in Boston, things may be calmed down on the basketball side of Irving’s life until camp but elsewhere he’s still got a lot going on, namely, his starring role in a movie.

Irving is in Atlanta right now, filming his Uncle Drew movie, which will be a feature length film based on his super popular old man character from a Pepsi ad campaign. On Tuesday, we got our first peek at the film’s cast in full makeup, which includes Shaq, Nate Robinson, Reggie Miller, Chris Webber, and Lisa Leslie.

The crew seems to be having plenty of fun on and off set during filming, as there was video that emerged of Kyrie, dressed as Uncle Drew, lighting up a pop-a-shot machine at an arcade, and the latest video is of Nate Robinson sneak attacking Shaq with a massive dunk on set.

You can see Shaq immediately start laughing, as he knows he’s been got, while Nate Rob mean mugs the camera. Whether this was all a plan or not — it being on Shaq’s Instagram and Shaq just aimlessly standing under the rim tweaking the net makes one wonder — it’s hard not to find it very funny when someone dressed up as an old man soars over a 7-footer like Shaq. So, no matter what the script-writing is like, the Uncle Drew movie is going to at least have some highly entertaining moments purely based on the basketball being played.