NBA 2K12 To Release Holiday Special “Legends Showcase”

Have you had enough of Wilt, Russell, Bird & Jordan? What am I saying? That’s impossible. They’ve helped make NBA 2K12 arguably the greatest basketball video game ever. As I’m sure most of you are deep into the Legends mode on 2K12, new downloadable content will soon be available for the first time ever that’ll enhance all of that even more. It’s called the “Legends Showcase” and it’s scheduled to be released this holiday season. It’ll feature all new content set in New York City’s iconic Time Square with a new, cell-shaded art style.

Ever wanted to play H-O-R-S-E against Bird? You will be able to now. Do you want to see a 21 game between Dominique Wilkins, Jordan and Dr. J? You can do that too. Altogether, this new mode lets gamers choose from 150 legends to compete in pick-up games, anywhere from 1-on-1 to regular 5-on-5. “Legends Showcase” will also feature games like the aforementioned H-O-R-S-E and 21, as well as 2-on-2 Teammate Challenges and 3-on-3 Era Challenges.

Created a My Player? Good. Take him and match him up with anyone all time to see how he does. You’ll also be allowed to play online as well with the NBA’s greatest teams.

“Legends Showcase” will be available for download this holiday season for $9.99 on the PlayStation3 and for 800 Microsoft Points on Xbox 360.

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What players would make up your ultimate 3-on-3 team?

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