NBA 2K14 Next-Generation “Eco-Motion” Will Blow Your Mind

There is a ton of basketball on tonight, but we’ve just spent the last 20 minutes watching and then re-watching this video about the NBA 2K14 Next-Generation “Eco-Motion,” developed for the XBox One and PS®4 iteration of the games. The craziest part is you can actually see a player emote, and the footwork is as important as a real NBA game. We thought this year’s version was already realistic, but the new consoles allow another level.

Rob Jones, a senior producer of NBA 2K14, says that Next-Generation technology allows the level of detail where you can see a player’s reaction by the changes in his countenance.

“It’s attention to detail. Whether it’s the smallest piece on the desk at the scorers table, and the lights in the arena and how they actually shine. It’s attention to detail to material: how does a jersey react? It’s attention to facial expressions that are human.”

“The word itself, ‘eco,’ is all about life. So we’re really trying to bring life to our game, to breathe new life into our game,” says Mike Wang, the lead gameplay designer for NBA 2K14.

Just watch this video and try not to let your dropped jaw drool on your tablet or keyboard.

What do you think?

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