NBA 2K15 Trailer Offers Glimpse At Expanded MyCAREER & Mentor Options

In NBA 2K14, gamers could interact with cover athlete LeBron James as he offered some guidance for those of us without four MVPs and two Finals MVPs. This year, as the 2K team continues to expand the world of NBA 2K, the developers and engineers of NBA 2K15 added audio from players all across the league who can mentor you during MyCAREER mode.

Here are some of the new features of MyCAREER mode:

-It doesn’t matter which team you select to begin MyCAREER, you’ll have NBA players to instruct you on the principles of playing within that system and rise up the NBA ladder. Examples from the trailer: James Harden, Kevin Durant, Andre Drummond and J.J. Redick.

-A new gameplay design with “Coach Satisfaction,” a real—time analysis of how other users are playing, what you bring to the court as a teammate and whether or not coach Doc Rivers is “satisfied” with your performance (no word on whether it’s skewed against Rajon Rondo lovers)

-A new upgrade system where specialities — e.g. three-point shooting, perimeter defense — are most important.

-You can still earn badges, from bronze to silver to gold, and you can either simulate a game or actually play a game, where you’ll get VC and badges. Also, by completing various challenges, you’re given an opportunity for endorsements and VC. Last, but not least, you can now show off a championship ring in MyPark.

What do you think?

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