The Most Combustible NBA Locker Rooms Entering The 2018-19 Season

08.15.18 8 months ago 2 Comments

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With free agency all but wrapped up, NBA rosters for the 2018-19 season are essentially set save for a few training camp battles to sort out the final spots in some places.

As we take a look at those rosters, there are some that seem destined to have some tensions flare up internally over the course of the year. The potential for conflict could be between players, player and coach, or player and front office/ownership, but there are a few teams that seem one rough stretch away from players-only meetings, fingers being pointed, and things generally spiraling downward.

Below, you’ll find seven teams that seem most likely to have that internal implosion that leads them to underachieving relative to expectations and potentially having to try and shake things up at the trade deadline. This isn’t to say all of them will or others around the league won’t be the one to experience internal strife, but if you’re looking for the ones with the most warning signs and red flags around the Association, this seems to be the group.

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