NBA Mock Draft 2019: What Every Team Should Do In The First Round

06.14.19 2 months ago

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The 2019 NBA Draft is rapidly approaching and sourced information is flying around. For the most part, everyone agrees on who the top two picks will be, and a growing consensus has emerged that Duke’s R.J. Barrett will be the No. 3 overall selection. Beyond that, a wild trade between the Hawks and Nets already made an impact on the board, with all kinds of buzz about lottery teams and who they might target when June 20 arrives.

In this space, however, we’ll throw out the typical mock draft formula of attempting to recreate the actual order of what will transpire, instead leaning toward the choices that should be made. Of course, it is worth noting that the picks below will be the work (and opinion) of exactly one individual, but the objective is to illustrate how all 30 picks should be used, taking team need and especially a personal big board into account.

Let’s roll through the picks, keeping in mind that the reality of how specific teams view this class is not especially reflected.

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