The Cavs Won’t Make The Conference Finals, And Other Bold Playoff Predictions

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You have read a lot of playoff predictions over the last however many days. Many of these have tried to give you as straight and rational of a take as possible.

But let’s face it: There’s something fun about being bold. We all want to go out on the limb and make predictions that seem a little wild, especially when it comes to the NBA’s postseason, but it’s sometimes difficult to reconcile the desire to make a bold prediction when logic oftentimes is the best way to proceed.

Still, several members of the UPROXX Sports staff thought it would be fun to explore some of these bold predictions. What has to happen for the Cavaliers to make it to the conference finals? Can the Warriors really run the table during the playoffs? What about a lesser-regarded team like the Rockets, can they actually win it all?

Of course they can! These are bold predictions! To see our writers’ bold predictions about the 2017 NBA Playoffs, we implore you to read on.

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