In Which We Predict Every Series In The 2017 NBA Playoffs

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04.15.17 2 Comments

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One NBA team is currently 16 wins away from raising the Larry O’Brien Trophy.

After a grueling 82-game regular season where we had a bunch of weird debates over letting dudes rest, whether we should take the All-Star Game seriously, and whether a dad who is not good at basketball could beat Michael Jordan in his prime – it’s been such a weird year – all the nonsense is gone. All the silliness of the regular season has been stripped away.

It is time for the NBA Playoffs. Good God almighty, let’s settle in and watch some playoff hoops.

But before we get to that, we decided to make some predictions. We picked all 15 postseason series. Will we have Cavs-Dubs III, or will one of the favorites in the two conferences fall? Will James Harden, Kawhi Leonard, or Russell Westbrook get the opportunity to spoil the fun out West? Can the Boston Celtics back up their 1-seed in the East that still seems like a bit of a surprise?

We tried to find out. As a reminder, these are 100 percent accurate and we guarantee they will happen. (Ed. note – we do not guarantee that any of this will happen and it is exceedingly likely that these will not be 100 percent accurate.)

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