The NBA Playoffs’ Most Interesting First-Round Series, Ranked

04.12.18 11 months ago

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The NBA Playoffs will begin on Saturday afternoon when the Warriors and Spurs get things started in a Western Conference Finals rematch from last season. The full TV schedule has been released and after being unable to prepare for any series until after the conclusion of Wednesday, the next two days will be a cram session for team, media, and fans as everyone gets ready for playoff basketball.

When the playoff matchups were finally set in stone late Wednesday night, we got to start getting excited about certain series. This year, you can find some intrigue in each matchup, especially with very few top teams looking like juggernauts right now. However, there are still some that jump out more than others and below you’ll find a ranking of the most interesting series of the first round, from least to most.

Again, you can make a case for some of these teams towards the bottom to be higher, but as far as the general excitement for them, I think there’s at least some pretty clear tiers in the eight series.

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