NBA Power Rankings Preseason: One-Team Tiers On The Top And Bottom

10.17.17 1 year ago

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There is a limit to what the basketball-viewing public can “know” in mid-October but, this season, there are a few givens. The reigning NBA champions are back and, at least on paper, improved from last season’s dominant performance. The presence of the Golden State Warriors in this form has produced many blazing takes in recent months but, simply put, they are the favorites to claim the Larry O’Brien Trophy again and that won’t change unless things go awry for an extended period of time.

On the flip side, there are the Chicago Bulls. Yes, this is a power rankings segment (I promise we’ll get there) and it isn’t ideal to give away the ending before we get there but, well, Fred Hoiberg’s team is the worst in the league on paper.

Everything in between, though, remains up for debate and that is one of the beauties of the NBA. Each week, we will weigh in on where teams stack up from 1 through 30, knowing full well that fluidity will be a theme throughout. Real, live basketball (that counts) is here and it’s a beautiful thing. Let’s roll.

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