The Lakers And Bulls Were Among Eight Teams To Unveil New City Jerseys

With Carmelo Anthony on an NBA team and the trade season still a month away, there isn’t a ton of non-basketball things to get excited about just yet. However, fans were treated with a handful of brand new jerseys on Wednesday.

Eight teams revealed their “City” edition uniforms on Wednesday, including the Los Angeles Lakers, who are honoring Shaquille O’Neal as part of their Lakers lore series. In the previous two seasons, Kobe Bryant and Magic Johnson were in the inspirations behind their “City” jerseys.

The Lakers deciding to honor their own legendary players instead of one of a city as rich in culture as Los Angeles is is peak Lakers.

The Chicago Bulls also added a new twist to their iconic jersey, building on their recent run of drawing inspiration from the Chicago state flag. This year, though, they decided to go all-in on the baby blue.

The Minnesota Timberwolves are big fans of the baby blue, too, as they showed with their new jersey, which honors The Twin Cities, Minneapolis and St. Paul.

The Sacramento Kings went away from the baby blue this year, opting to wear red as their primary color for the first time in franchise history.

Meanwhile, the Philadelphia 76ers decided to go with a classic look.

As did the Washington Wizards.

The Bucks and Rockets also have new threads with their city’s nicknames on them.

The Boston Celtics are the next team set to unveil their City edition uniforms on Thursday as we slowly are learning about all the various alternates we’ll see in the Association this season.