The NBA Rescinded The Technical Foul Draymond Green Got For Yelling At James Wiseman

There’s no doubt that Draymond Green can be a bit animated at times on the court. He’s a spirited and fiery competitor, and throughout his career, there have been plenty of times where’s allowed his emotions to get the better of him, sometimes at the detriment to his team.

But players like Green also develop something of a reputation, which can lead to being unfairly maligned on the part of the officials, some of whom can be more sensitive to his antics and quicker to pull the trigger on a technical foul. Case in point: his ejection this week for yelling at his own teammate, James Wiseman, this week during a game against the Knicks.

It was his second tech of the game, thus triggering an automatic ejection. Green has since asked for clarity on the matter, and it appears the NBA was listening, as they officially rescinded his second technical on Friday.

For a player like Green, who has been known to accumulate technical fouls, every little bit helps, as a smaller total number can help prevent potentially damaging suspensions later, as it did during the 2016 Finals. The Warriors might not currently appear destined for a deep playoff run this season, but regardless, credit to the league for getting this one right.