NBA Superfan Jimmy Goldstein Calls Jack Nicholson A ‘Fair Weather’ Lakers Fan

If you were asked to name the biggest Los Angeles Lakers fan on the planet, odds are you’d pick Jack Nicholson, right? The Academy Award winning actor is a noted Lakers season ticket holder, and you always expect to see his face when you suffer through watch a Lakers game.

Well, all is not well in Laker Land, and not just because the squad had the fourth-worst record in the NBA in 2014-15. Jimmy Goldstein – an NBA super fan with a lot of money who you know as that guy who dresses up in weird suits and sits courtside at seemingly every NBA game (former commissioner David Stern once said he has the “largest investment of any fan in America”)  – is also a Lakers season-ticket holder, and in an interview with TMZ he called out Nicholson for being a fair weather fan.

The case against Nicholson is that he offered to sell his tickets this season because the Lakers were terrible, and according to Goldstein, he went to two games during 2014-15. In Goldstein’s eyes, if you’re a fan you should go to games and support your team, but even if Nicholson doesn’t want to do that, Goldstein thinks he should at least go to watch some of the other teams that the Lakers’ host throughout the season.

Ideally this turns into some kind of silly feud between Nicholson and Goldstein, for no other reason than a fight during halftime of a Lakers game would be more entertaining than anything that happened at an LA game this season.

(Via TMZ)