The ‘It Me’ Podcast: Does Kristen Ledlow Think Anyone Actually Got Better At The Trade Deadline?

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NBA All-Star Weekend and the trade deadline have come and gone, but the memories will stay with us forever. And so, apparently, will this head cold after walking around in the cold, frigid temperatures. Thanks for the kind memento from the Great North.

We’re excited to welcome into “it me” land Kristen Ledlow from NBA Inside Stuff and TNT. Ledlow also took in the All-Star festivities in Toronto and shared some stories.

Among other topics, we discussed:

  • Shoes
  • The Lance Stephenson to Memphis deal
  • Drake playing ping pong
  • How to make the All-Star game even better
  • Was this the best Dunk Contest ever?
  • Will Draymond Green be able to recover from tying Kevin Hart in a three-point contest?
  • Where should All-Star be every year?
  • More shoes
  • Kobe

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