This Pelicans Fan Put A Disturbing Tribute To Anthony Davis On His Chest

Look, I get it, Pelicans fan. You’re in the playoffs for the first time since Chris Paul left! Your team is finally good again! You have Anthony Davis, destroyer of worlds! I understand, you’re excited, and hey, you should be! But, I mean, come on. There are better ways to show your fandom than the “Unibra,” which doesn’t look so much like a bra as it does a smear of mud across your chest.

And, sure, it’s clever, I guess, because it looks like a unibrow, and Anthony Davis is “the Unibrow” so it works. But just because something works doesn’t mean it’s good. And this, Mr. Pelicans fan, is not good. It is not good at all. It is terrifying, it is disturbing, and it is wrong.

(Bleacher Report)