Nick Young Didn’t Waste Any Time To Start Enjoying His Offseason

The Los Angeles Lakers finished with the second worst record in the Western Conference, and Nick Young was a large reason they escaped without the worst record when he dropped a season-high 41 points against the Conference-worst Jazz on Monday night. Then the self-proclaimed Swaggy P kicked off his offseason hard right after the Lakers beat the Spurs Wednesday night.

Swaggy was spotted outside a club with his Target-loving girlfriend Iggy Azalea, and he wasted no time telling the TMZ cameras about his lady’s posterior (hint to the fellas out there: don’t do that).

When the TMZ videographer asked Young what he thought about people calling for Mike D’Antoni‘s job, his eyelids drooped and he slyly said, “Damn, it’s a shame what happened to D’Antoni.”

That’s just Swaggy being Swaggy, we suppose.

What do you think?

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