Nick Young Got Hypnotized At JaVale McGee’s Birthday Party And It Was Spectacular

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Here’s the latest installment of Nick Young and JaVale McGee are teammates, version 2.0. The one time Wizards teammates as youngsters are now “veterans” in role spots on the reigning champion Golden State Warriors. That remains somewhat bizarre, but also kind of awesome.

This time around, the fun-loving duo have graduated from Cinnamon Challenges and the like and have moved on to more adult-oriented things, such as paying better attention to their diets to ensure longevity in the NBA.

But every now and then, they’ve gotta have some mindless fun. Literally mindless, in this case. At JaVale’s 30th birthday party over the weekend, Swaggy P subjected himself to hypnosis on stage, and the results were every bit as spectacular as you might imagine.

Now, hypnosis might be the only thing lamer than magic, as far as birthday party entertainment is concerned, but watching Nick Young traipsing around onstage under the (alleged) influence of a hypnotist is worth more than the price of admission.

At various points, Swaggy can be seen dancing romantically with some sort of strange puppet, then later doing his best Michael Jackson impression to “Billy Jean,” complete with moonwalk. Obviously, there is plenty of room for debate about whether Young was really hypnotized (we tend to err on the side of skepticism), but Young insists that is what happened.

Even if he was putting us on, Swaggy is a consummate showman to the very end.