Norris Cole Rips Out Boston’s Hearts; The Lakers Finally Win A Game

12.28.11 6 years ago 63 Comments
Dwyane Wade

Dwyane Wade (photo. Jonathan Mannion)

The rich keep getting richer. The Heat have a new toy and last night, he dropped 14 points in the fourth, drugged the crowd into chanting MVP for him at the line and used his Sam Cassell in ’94-sized balls to hit two straight jumpers in the final minute against the Celtics. Boston had to endure the wrath of D-Wade (24 points, eight assists, four blocks) and LeBron (26 points) for three quarters, but some great shooting and a zone defense brought them all the way back. Too bad Norris Cole wasn’t having it. It wasn’t even so much that Cole had 14 fourth quarter points. Even more impressively, he took 12 shots in the final frame. Surrounded by the Big Three, all of whom were great all night long, that took some stones. None of this would’ve been necessary had Boston not cut into a 20-point lead behind six threes from Ray Allen (28 points) and another full-course meal from Rajon Rondo (22 points, 12 dimes, eight rebounds). Plus, there was the zone defense that thwarted Miami’s speed in the second half. Yes, they still shot 56 percent for the game. But it would’ve been a lot worse. Once Keyon Dooling – He dropped 18 and four treys. Um… what? – banged a three with two minutes left, it was a three-point game, setting up Cole’s last minute heroics … Miami’s offense looked much more crisp in the first quarter than it did last season. Remember how ugly the Heat looked in their first meeting in Boston last season? Now, James and Wade are playing in rhythm and turning down the easy shots (neither one has attempted a three yet). The guards know where they are supposed to be and everyone is making the right cuts. Insert a faster pace and you have danger; The Heat went 10-for-16 in the first and put up 30 points. During one suequence midway through the second quarter, Miami rotated all over and chased Boston out of three shots until Marquis Daniels missed a J. Norris Cole hit the glass, and then pushed it all the way up with one pass. James Jones drilled a three. Then on the following possession, Jesus got sent back by Wade at the rim with both hands in some Jordan-on-Jordan crime before Daniels was ripped on the rebound. Cole got it all the way up the court in less than two seconds again and Bosh jammed. Scary fast. That put the Heat up 14. They should’ve subbed in Eddy Curry and watched him lose two rolls per quarter … LeBron had a eye-opening dunk in the first quarter that was nullified because Mario Chalmers passed off and then ran over a Celtic. It was just another example of why the charge call SUCKS. We’re going to start tracking this stuff. Worst rule in sports … And in case you wanted to know amidst the Cole hoopla, Chalmers turned the ball over four times in a minute and a half stretch at the start of the second half … Shaq was already taking shots at Chris Bosh (18 points, 11 rebounds, four tongue stick-outs) during the pre-game, making fun of him for crying after the Heat lost in the Finals … Steve Kerr and Mike Fratello were talking about Miami’s chances and while Kerr said they would steamroll everyone, Fratello said they would “easily start out 10-0” as if that’s something they do every day … Keep reading to hear about the Lakers finally winning a game …

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