A College Basketball Player’s Great Defensive Effort Ended In The Most Unfortunate Way

02.11.17 3 years ago

It takes a very unlikely event for North Dakota State basketball to receive national buzz on the basketball court. That isn’t a shot against the Bison, of course, but institutions that play hoops in the Summit League don’t generate a ton of attention until conference tournament time and, even then, it is an often a one-and-done scenario for the conference champion in the NCAA Tournament.

On Saturday, though, a member of the NDSU squad made national news and with good reason. Sophomore guard Khy Kabellis attempted to do the right thing in saving the ball from going out of bounds deep in the corner and, in short, his behind-the-back fling somehow fell through the net. The catch? It was the net that happened to provide North Dakota State’s opponent, the Denver Pioneers, with points.

To be fair to Kabellis, this was clearly unintentional and it did not cost North Dakota State anything meaningful on the scoreboard. The play in question took place with less than seven minutes remaining in what ended up as an 81-63 win, but the bucket was indeed credited to Denver and this will be a play that no one involved will ever forget.

Khy Kabellis is a very good college basketball player but, on this night, his most exciting contribution just happened to be a negative for his own program.

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