An Ohio Farm Paid Homage To ‘Homegrown Hero’ LeBron James With This Amazing Corn Maze

This isn’t a surprise at all, but the people of Ohio really love LeBron James. Considering he’s a born and bred Ohioan who brought the first professional sports title to Cleveland in decades, it’s not a shock that he has taken on a larger than life status to the people of The Buckeye State.

There have been approximately 100,000,000 different things that Ohioans have done to celebrate LeBron (and the rest of the title-winning Cavs, for that matter), both because of the fact that he’s good at basketball and because he’s an outstanding person off the court. The latest LeBron/Cavs tribute comes via Mapleside Farms in Brunswick, Ohio, which is about 25 miles away from Cleveland. The folks at Mapleside decided to make a few corn mazes that honor the 2015-16 Cavaliers, which include a maze that says “BELIEVELAND” and another that has the Larry O’Brien Trophy.

The most impressive maze is in between those two, as they made LeBron’s head into a trail that you reach by walking through another maze that spells out “HOMEGROWN HERO.” We don’t even want to begin to know how long this entire process took – in addition to perfectly mowing all of this, the people at the farm had to spitball potential maze ideas and map out how the entire thing would look. But all of their hard work is worth it, because this is one of the more unique ways that we’ve seen someone pay homage to the NBA champs and their biggest star.

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