Oregon’s Crazy New Basketball Court by Tinker Hatfield: Love It or Hate It?

You may have seen the original images released a while back showing the Tinker Hatfield-designed basketball court at the University of Oregon‘s brand new Matthew Knight Arena, where, from a certain angle, a spectator gets the feeling that he/she is staring up at treetops from the forest floor.

Last night, the guy who runs the Twitter feed @NikeBlog.com posted some pictures of the floor and the arena after taking an exclusive tour of the building. I posted one of them on my Twitter account last night to see what kind of response it got and there was no middle ground – only extremes of love and hate. Check out the pics and let us know what you think…

For what it’s worth, I actually love the court design. A lot of times I tend to find myself siding with the “basketball purist” segment of the basketball world (I’ve always thought Indiana’s Assembly Hall design is one of the best in all of college ball), but instead of just a crazy design, this one has some real thought put into it.

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