Pat Riley Says Dwyane Wade Is Still A Heat Lifer Despite Being Part-Owner Of The Jazz

Dwyane Wade will always be remembered as a member of the Miami Heat. This is what made it a little surprising when Wade purchased an ownership stake in the Utah Jazz back in April, something that became a little more surprising when Heat owner Micky Arison tweeted that Wade had an opportunity to join Miami’s ownership group but ultimately went in a different direction.

Wade’s move made sense when considering that he is close with new Jazz owner Ryan Smith, and Arison said that Wade will always be a Heat lifer in an ensuing tweet. That sentiment isn’t just held by Arison, as longtime Heat executive Pat Riley echoed that stance during an appearance on “The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz.”

“Whatever Dwyane decides to do with the rest of his life in the NBA or whatever he does in Los Angeles, in other investment or personality situations, I’m happy as hell,” Riley said at the 17:22 mark of the above video. “He was offered the opportunity to be part-owner in a franchise and congrats to him.”

Riley did, however, make one thing clear: “Probably when Utah comes back and plays, then we’ll probably take his jersey down, just for that night.” This very well could have been a joke, but because it’s Pat Riley we’re talking about here, would anyone be surprised if he was serious?

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