Paul George Suffers Gruesome Lower Leg Injury During USA Scrimmage

Indiana Pacers All-Star and likely Team USA starter Paul George was taken off the floor on a stretcher after suffering a gruesome lower leg injury in the fourth quarter of the USA Basketball Showcase on Friday night. The game’s remainder was cancelled as a result.

George was chasing down a James Harden layup attempt when his right leg hit the stanchion and bent at an extremely awkward angle. Medical personnel immediately came to his aid, and the looks on his teammates’ faces confirmed severity of the injury.

ESPN offered one replay of the sequence before deciding against showing another. The reaction of the players is telling – this is a very, very serious injury. Video of the incident can be watched here, but please be advised that the clip is graphic in nature.

Coach Mike Krzyzewski suspended play after George was wheeled off the floor, taking a microphone at halfcourt to address the Thomas & Mack Center crowd.

If I could have your attention… With this serious injury that we had and the fact that we’ve stopped playing for a long period of time – and really out of respect to Paul and his family – the scrimmage is done. We want to thank you for your support; we appreciate it very much.

The thousands in attendance roared in applause and broke into a cacophonous “USA! USA!” chant as the players exited the floor. This was certainly not the way Team USA wanted to introduce itself to the nation, but that’s of little consequence. The wellbeing of George is clearly the only concern for Coach K, managing director Jerry Colangelo, and the national team’s players and coaches.

Get well soon, PG! Can’t wait to see you back on the floor and stronger than ever in the future.

(GIF via cjzero) (Video via HardwoodParoxysm09)

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